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Why are we nervous?

I have been working on not being nervous since I was a kid and at some point, I, unfortunately, can still feel that pressure hitting me under the skin! 

Why are we nervous? 

What a shit inside us pressing that bottom to have this kind of feeling? 

It is not good for our body, mentality, and soul. Its a nothing prosper, its a kind of damaging balance and its a huge waste of time Because we should go through that situation, we know that we should do! Am I right? 

I used to get stressed about every stupid situation you can imagine. It started at the basic school, of course, shit inside my head about what I am wearing, what I am not wearing, scared to be natural, scared to be “myself” after the competition and being preselected at the dance school to being selected to … When I am thinking.. my mum actually used to sign me to these kinds of hobby centers so I should be competitive and express myself. Ye and so I was training myself all my life and I still should continue at some point. 

It is getting better but then I am just waiting for the car to pick up me next to the road by a friend of mine I don’t know and I was fucking nervous all the time.  :D 

So Why? Tell me! 

Why can I not stay chilled as I am on this photo?

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